With the correct steps put into place, you could further improve overall guest satisfaction and open a new revenue stream for your sports tournament. Putting these steps into place is easy when choosing to work with Bullseye Digital Marketing. We have more than a decade of experience with lodging and tourism-based events in the Panama City Beach market. We are active Ambassadors for the Panama City Beach Chamber for Commerce, and former Marketing Board Members for both Bay County FRLA and Panama City Beach Convention & Tourism Bureau. Our local experience not only gives us an inside connection with the local hotels and vacation rentals, but it’s also helpful to be familiar with the area market trends when negotiating the best possible terms for your event.

Our portfolio of local lodging partners is the largest in the area, helping to provide the most quality options to your guests! Our most active Panama City Beach lodging partners are located within 10-miles of Frank Brown Park. They combine to feature more than 40 swimming pools and at least 90% of them are very close to the beach. Our extensive reach into the local hotel and vacation rental markets (1,110 Hotel Rooms & 1,500+ Condos / Beach Homes) helps to make Bullseye Digital Marketing your top choice for starting a new or optimizing your current local-based lodging partner program. Our event marketing partnerships are designed to remove this potential workload from the event organizer’s hands, while improving the guest experience and creating an additional revenue stream. This process is simple, and some of the steps are highlighted below.

  • First… You identify the dates of your tournament and the estimated impact it will have within the local lodging market. (IE: the nights when you’re expecting your guests to be staying, number of teams participating, any other local deals already in place, when are you expecting most teams to signup for or qualify for this tournament, etc).
  • Second… We create a plan of action for you to review and approve. This plan of action will include estimated projected revenues, a proposed agreement for our two businesses, and individual agreements that your business will officially have with each lodging partner.
  • Third… We do the “leg work” and secure more than enough lodging options for your total amount of projected guests. Once all lodging partners are established, we will work together to establish the best path for introducing this to everyone attending your event.
  • Payment… Some tournaments can demand an upfront investment from lodging partners, but this is usually based on demand and availability. Most custom packages include our lodging partners paying the commission percentage after your guests departs from their establishment. We will bill the event host for our commission percentage portion, only after a lodging partner pays the event.

Thanks for your consideration and for everything that you do for youth sports! If this sounds like something that your sports travel tournament needs to be connected with, please contact us (Matt@BullseyeDigitalMarketing.com / 662-571-4806) to get started. * If your brand operates multiple tournaments in the south, let us know, as you might qualify to have a custom booking engine added to your website for no additional charge.