Event Marketing

Advertising Solutions Built to Grow Internal Customer Database: We will identify the digital database of potential customers most likely to attend your specialized event. This targeted marketing campaign will help to spread awareness of the upcoming event, while also helping to promote early registrations or ticket sales. Bullseye Digital Marketing has experience working with annual events and we understand how to best grow your marketing reach, without having to spend more each year. We can implement a variety of digital advertising solutions, not only directly targeting and retargeting your custom audience, but also built to grow your event’s internal database of customers.

Grass Roots Marketing Campaign for Local Events: The most common response that we initially get when approaching customers, is that “word of mouth” advertising is their most effective form of promoting themselves. We have found that our event partners are correct with this assessment over 90% of the time, which is why we developed hands-on marketing techniques that are built to optimize the effectiveness of this kind of lead. This knowledge and experience is just one of the many reasons why we are the top option for promoting local events to the major influencers and marketing partners in your industry.

Lodging Partner Programs for Destination Events & Sports Tournaments: Bullseye Digital Marketing has more than a decade of experience with lodging and tourism-based events in the Panama City Beach market. We are active Ambassadors for the Panama City Beach Chamber for Commerce, and former Marketing Board Members for both Bay County Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association and Panama City Beach Convention & Tourism Bureau. We have the largest portfolio of local lodging partners, helping to create the most quality options for your guests and provide you with a clear top choice. Our most active Panama City Beach lodging partners are located within 10-miles of Frank Brown Park. They combine to feature more than 40 swimming pools and at least 90% of them are very close to the beach. These programs were created to minimize the event organizer workload, while improving the guest experience and creating an additional revenue stream for event host.

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